Podcast #5, Night Birds' Mutiny at Muscle Beach

New Jersey's surf-punk quartet Night Birds release Mutiny at Muscle Beach this Friday, October 2. It's their third LP, and first for Fat Wreck Chords after a series of single releases on various labels and two prevois full-lengths on Grave Mistake Records. While a punk band's new album might not seem a likely bit of coverage for a podcast about soundtracks, trust me -- this is a band after our very own obsessive little hearts. From very early on, Night Birds have been putting out music that's inspired by and references quite a few cult films.

Mutiny at Muscle Beach doesn't see Night Birds referencing pop culture so explicitly as in the past, but it's still a must-own for fans of the band and those who love punk rock. It's the band's strongest release yet, and a surprising change of pace from their previous LP, Born to Die in Suburbia. We spoke by phone with the band's singer, Brian Gorsegner, about Night Birds' pop culture influences and songwriting processes, as well as a look at his favorite movie soundtrack.

Episode music:

Night Birds, "Hope For the Best (Expect the Worst)"
Night Birds, "Mutiny at Muscle Beach"
Night Birds, "Son of Dad"
Night Birds, "In the Red/In the Black"
Night Birds, "Maimed for the Masses"
The Muffs, "Funny Face"
Night Birds, "Mistakonic Stomp"