Podcast #11, Cannibal! The Musical

On this episode, we speak with  Robert Lee of Banana Stand Records about the label’s vinyl release of the soundtrack to the 1993 comedy horror film, Cannibal! The Musical. This is a film which could’ve easily been another straight-to-video distributed release from Troma, but for the fact that the director, songwriter, and star Trey Parker and co-star Matt Stone would go on to fame as the creators of the smash Comedy Central animated series, South Park.

You can pick up Cannibal! The Musical on limited-edition blood red vinyl from Banana Stand's store.

Track listing:
"It's A Shpadoinkle Day!" (Cannibal! The Musical)
"The Trapper Song" (Cannibal! The Musical)
"Blame Canada" (South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut)
"That's All I'm Asking For" (Cannibal! The Musical)
"Let's Build A Snowman" (Cannibal! The Musical)
"Hello!" (The Book of Mormon)
"Hang the Bastard" (Cannibal! The Musical)
"Let's Build A Snowman (Reprise)" (Cannibal! The Musical)