Podcast #16, You're Next

The 2011 home invasion thriller, You’re Next, was directed by Adam Wingard from a script written by Wingard and Simon Barrett. It was probably my favorite movie of 2013, when it officially saw wide release. It’s a taut series of violent encounters that manages to take elements of the slasher genre’s final girl trope and cross them with both home invasion films, as well as the “dinner party from hell” genre that seems to be slowly becoming a thing. It’s fantastic, with lead Sharni Vinson being particularly amazing, to say nothing of the return of genre icon Barbara Crampton.

As Films on Wax editor Charlie Brigden says on the obi strip for the vinyl release, “the score gets under your skin with ambient eerie textures causing maximum discomfort with minimum effort.” The score isn’t particularly ornate, but yes -- it does a great job of creepy you right the hell out. Of course, the most notable piece of music in the film is the Dwight Twilley Band’s “Looking for the Magic,” from their 1977 sophomore LP, Twilley Don’t Mind.

I spoke with him in 2015 about a split single he’d released with the Josh Berwanger Band on Goodland Records, and we spoke about the newly-iconic status of the song.

Track listing:

Adam Wingard, "Commando Mode" (You're Next OST)
The Dwight Twilley Band, "Looking for the Magic" (Twilley Don't Mind)
Lou Reed, "Perfect Day" (Transformer)