Episode #26, The Nice Guys

On this episode, we're talking about the soundtrack to the most recent film from director Shane Black, The Nice Guys, out now on Blu-ray. I was hooked from the moment that the Temptations' "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" played over the opening credits, but that's just me. The very utter '70s-ness of the soundtrack really sets the time for The Nice Guys, and mixes rock 'n' roll with funky soul in a way few soundtracks do. It's nice to see a music director recognize that people could listen to Brick and KISS within the same day, rather than treating them like they're from different planets.

We also discuss the amazing double vinyl LP release of the soundtrack from iam8bit.


The Temptations, "Papa Was A Rolling Stone"
Earth Wind & Fire, "September"
The Band, "Ain't Got No Home"
Brick, "Dazz"
Al Green, "Love and Happiness"