Episode #49, The Lost Boys with G Tom Mac

lost boys g tom mac.jpg

On this episode, we continue our Halloween series, talking with G Tom Mac, about "Cry Little Sister," his theme song to the 1987 teenage vampire film, The Lost Boys. The soundtrack to The Lost Boys is a collection of amazingly catchy tracks. Be it INXS teaming up with the Easybeats' Jimmy Barnes to do a version of "Good Times," the Who's Roger Daltry covering "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me," or the exquisitely perfect version of the Doors' "People Are Strange" by Echo and the Bunnymen, the soundtrack is a solid collection of classic songs by what were then modern artists. It's a nice nod to the ageless nature of the forever young vampires in the film.

However, the film's theme song, "Cry Little Sister," by Gerard McMann, is the only cut to appear twice in The Lost Boys, and definitely does a great  job of sonically conveying the concept of the film in a thre-minute pop song. McMann, who now performs under the aegis of G Tom Mac, has also recorded a musical sort of prequel to The Lost Boys. A Lost Boys Story sees release later this month, and we were excited to talk with McMann about both the film and the upcoming musical.

Gerard McMann, "Cry Little Sister" (The Lost Boys OST)
Gerard McMahon, "Look In Your Eyes" (Fast Times at Ridgemont High OST)
G Tom Mac, "Frog Bro Hero" (A Lost Boys Story)
G Tom Mac, "Sleep All Day" (A Lost Boys Story)
Thomas Newman, "To the Shock of Miss Louise" (The Lost Boys OST)