Episode #50, Jungle Trap with Taken By Savages

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On this episode, we continue our Halloween series, talking with Annie Choi and Joe Ziemba of the synth duo, Taken By Savages, about their music for the unearthed 1990 James Bryan shot on video horror movie, Jungle Trap.

Shot in 1990 and unreleased until this very moment, Jungle Trap is the final collaboration between exploitation demigods director James Bryan (DON’T GO IN THE WOODS) and the late actress Renee Harmon (FROZEN SCREAM). The movie is a decapitation-fueled, shot-on-video horror masterpiece about a jungle hotel haunted by kill-crazy ghosts in loin cloths.

The movie remained unedited, unscored, and unseen by human eyes for over two decades, until it saw release back in late July. Under Bryan’s guidance, the Bleeding Skull team meticulously edited the movie and Taken By Savages recorded a soundtrack utilizing vintage 1980s synthesizers.

Jungle Trap is currently available on DVD, VHS, and via digital download from Bleeding Skull Video. Taken By Savages' score for Jungle Trap is available digitally on Bandcamp and on vinyl LP from Mondo.

Taken By Savages, "Shorts Authority" (Taken By Savages)
Taken By Savages, "Enter the Trap" (Jungle Trap OST)
Taken By Savages, "Have You Seen Rita?" (Jungle Trap OST)
Herschell Gordon Lewis, "Brains Knocked Out" (The Amazing Film Scores of Herschell Gordon Lewis)
Taken By Savages, "Raise the Spirits" (Jungle Trap OST)
Taken By Savages, "The Guests Arrive" (Jungle Trap OST)
Milli Vanilli, "Girl You Know It's True" (Girl You Know It's True)
Taken By Savages, "Exit the Trap" (Jungle Trap OST)