Episode #70: The Hidden with The Truth's Dennis Greaves

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1987's The Hidden is a sci-fi action horror film directed by Jack Sholder, and starring Michael Nouri and Kyle MacLachlan. The film's a really great underseen gem, although several articles last year for its 30th anniversary helped raise its profile. It's a very early role for MacLachlan, and shows that directors were putting him into odd characters right from the start.

The soundtrack, compiled by IRS Records, is one of several that the label put together around that time, and thus, this is the second film in a row that featured Concrete Blonde's "Over Your Shoulder" and "Haunted Head," as did the previous year's The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. There was never an actual soundtrack release, although Michael Convertino's score was put out by Varese Sarabande, and the Truth's "It's Hidden" was released as a single by IRS.

We spoke with the Truth's Dennis Greaves this summer about the band's work on the soundtrack and their experiences making a music video for the film's theme song.


The Truth, "Weapons of Love" (Weapons of Love)

The Truth, "It's Hidden" (single)

Concrete Blonde, "Your Haunted Head" (Concrete Blonde)

Michael Convertino, "Final Transference" (The Hidden OST)