Episode #72: Scott Bomar & the Films of Craig Brewer


Director Craig Brewer's films, Hustle & Flow and Black Snake Moan, are just as much about the soundtrack as they are about the film. Thus, Brewer's collaborations with Memphis musician Scott Bomar only makes sense. Perfect sense, really, given that Bomar's band the Bo-Keys have backed any number of nearly-forgotten soul musicians in a live setting.

Bomar's film work is absolutely fascinating, and it was wonderful to spend some time speaking with him about his work with Brewer, the history of the Bo-Keys, and more. We even got a little bit into his work with his studio, Electraphonic Recording.


Impala, "Experiment In Terror/Stalkin'" (El Rancho Reverbo)

Scott Bomar, "The Chain" (Black Snake Moan OST)

Anthony Hamilton, "Soul Music" (Soul Men OST)

Samuel L. Jackson, "Stack-o-lee" (Black Snake Moan OST)

Djay, "Whoop That Trick" (Hustle & Flow OST)