Episode #77: Steve Horelick & Madman

madman header.jpg

Composer Steve Horelick is definitely best known for his work on children's television programs like Shining Time Station and Reading Rainbow, the latter of which he composed the iconic theme song for. However, early on in his career, Horelick worked on the 1981 slasher film, Madman, a movie made somewhat infamous by the fact that it shares a similar storyline with the contemporaneous The Burning. Madman was released on Blu-ray back in 2015 via Vinegar Syndrome, and while there was an announcement at the time that Death Waltz would be releasing the score, here we are over three years later with nothing yet. Thankfully, the composer was more than willing to share his story of the score, as well as his illustrious career.


Gary Sales, "Madman Marz"

Steve Horelick, "Madman Theme"

Electronic Art Ensemble, "Three Bursts Set Out" (Inquietude)

Steve Horelick, "Reading Rainbow Theme"