Episode #86: Thunderpussy & Danger Diva

danger diva header.jpg

Seattle rock 'n' roll quartet Thunderpussy is all about riffing and wailing. Their self-titled debut — released earlier this year on Stardog Records — is a round dozen of killer cuts, but the band also shines in live performance. Replete with costumes, rock jumps, and high kicks, Thunderpussy brings a visual element to its shows that is sorely needed in an age of black t-shirts and beards. It's matched by Thunderpussy's music videos, which play out like mini movies, whether they're narrative or performance-driven.

So, it's no surprise that frontwoman and vocalist Molly Sides was chosen as the star of director Robert McGinley's 2017 independent sci-fi actioner, Danger Diva. The movie is about a hard rocking singer coerced into becoming a technologically altered diva by her high billionaire patron. It came early in the band's career, so it provides a really interesting snapshot of the band while they were still nascent rock gods. We spoke with Sides last month about the film and her experience making it.


Thunderpussy, "Takin' You Over" (Danger Diva OST)

Thunderpussy, "Make Me Moan" (Danger Diva OST)

Thunderpussy, "Velvet Noose" (Thunderpussy)