Episode #71: Atlanta with Bryce Hitchcock

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FX's brilliant comedy / drama / exploration of humanity, Atlanta, is as noted for its music as it is for the writing, directing, and acting. The show's soundtrack is a perfect combination of brilliantly-selected gems like Funkadelic's "Hit It and Quit It," as well as of-the-moment Soundcloud rap like Amindi K. Fro$t's "Cocoa Butter Shawty."

Hell, even Migos have popped up on the show. It's brilliant, and to explain it would be deceptively simple, given the multitude of layers the program features, but at it's heart, it's about Donald Glover's Earn trying to help his cousin, Brian Tyree Henry's Al, become a hip-hop star, while trying to navigate his other relationships.

One of the most-accurate skewerings of pop culture zeitgeist came from the second episode of Atlanta's Robbin' Season. The episode, entitled "Sportin' Waves," sees Al and Earn visiting a tech company and the various ways the majority-white company responds to them. The episode ends with a white-girl acoustic YouTube cover of Al's rapper self, Paperboi's big local hit.

It's hilarious and it's perfect and it's by an actual YouTube cover artist. Her name's Bryce Hitchcock, and she has a slew of original music as well, and it was a great conversation when we spoke with her last month about the show, acting, and her original music.


Stephen Glover, "Paper Boi"

Bryce Hitchcock, "Paper Boi"

Bryce Hitchcock, "Endless Dream"

Bryce Hitchcock, "Through the Night"