Podcast #19, Gotham with Jason Alexander

On this episode, we speak with Jason Alexander, music supervisor for the Fox television program, Gotham. As anyone who follows me on Twitter is aware, I'm a big fan of the Monday night show, which is essentially a prequel to the Batman mythos. The show's a crazed bit of fun, featuring new takes on old characters, and really shines as an ensemble piece.

For me, a large part of the appeal to Gotham comes from its use of music, which contains a width and breadth of sound not frequently found in a primetime show. We were really excited to speak with Mr Alexander, especially given his bonafides on the likes of CSI and Nikita. It's a great discussion that really goes deep into Gotham's aesthetics.


David Russo, "Gotham opening sting"
The Stooges, "Down on the Street" (Fun House)
Grenadiers, "Fanny Pack" (Summer)
the Damned, "New Rose" (Damned Damned Damned)
David Russo feat. Suzanne Waters, "Penguin's Lullaby" (YouTube)
Metropolis, "I Love New York" (single)
David Russo, "Gotham end titles"