Episode #43, Federale & The Films of Ana Lily Amirpour

On this episode, we're talking with Federale's Collin Hegna about the Portland band's work in the films of Ana Lily Amirpour. Federale's been releasing music for a decade now, but their music came to the notice of many genre fans with its inclusion in Amirpour's debut feature, the striking take on the vampire film entitled A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night. The group also has a song in the director's recently-released The Bad Batch. Collin and I talked about the formation of the band, as well as their work in Amirpour's films.

You can buy vinyl copies of The Bad Batch soundtrack and All the Colours of the Dark from Mondo.

Federale, "Sarcophagus" (The Blood Flowed Like Wine)
Federale, "Black Sunday" (The Blood Flowed Like Wine)
Federale, "All the Colors of the Dark" (All the Colors of the Dark)
Federale, "Sisyphus" (The Blood Flowed Like Wine)
Federale, "Tribe" (The Blood Flowed Like Wine)

Episode #41, Deathgasm & Pool Party Massacre with Axeslasher

On this episode, we speak with Professor Pizza, vocalist for thrash metal band Axeslasher, about the group’s inclusion in the heavy metal horror films Deathgasm and Pool Party Massacre.

Deathgasm is the amazing 2015 splatstick film from New Zealand, and if you haven’t seen it by this point, please stop reading and come back in an hour and a half. It’s metal as hell, funny, and so very, very bloody. There’s also some surprisingly-deep lessons to be learned about not judging appearances, as well as interpersonal relationships. Plus, bludgeoning with a dildo. The soundtrack is positively killer (pun intended), and features Axeslasher in addition to Midnight, Nunslaughter, and Bullet Belt. You can snag it on double vinyl LP from Death Waltz.

Pool Party Massacre was just released on DVD and Blu-ray, and the low-budget slasher is a hilariously gory romp which sees a bevy of bikini-clad young ladies attacked with an entire garage’s worth of power tools and yard equipment. The Drew Marvick-directed flick was put together on a budget of something like $6000, and it makes the most of every penny. We’ve been sharing the joys of it since we first saw it last month, and if you loved Deathgasm, you will be super-thrilled with Pool Party Massacre.

Listen closely for details on how to win a copy of Pool Party Massacre on DVD!


All tracks by Axeslasher, and available at their Bandcamp.

"The Axeslasher"

“Mark of the Pizzagram”

“Invasion of the Babesnatchers”

“In the Woods There Is No Law” (1986 mix)

“The Drifter’s Warning”