Episode #47, EuroTrip with Lustra's Nick Cloutman

eurotrip matt damon.jpg

On this episode, we're talking with Nick Cloutman, guitarist for the alt-rock band, Lustra, about their appearance in the 2004 teen comedy, EuroTrip. The 2004 teen comedy has ended up having some surprising legs, due to its absurdist nature. The jokes and situations in the film put it in the arena of films like Supertroopers, with a strong ensemble cast. A good portion of the long-term popularity is due not only to cameos from the likes of Fred Armisen and Lucy Lawless, but also to the catchiness of a song in the film's earlier scenes, entitled "Scotty Doesn't Know," which was written for the film by the band Lustra.

Lustra, "Scotty Doesn't Know" (Eurotrip OST)
Lustra, "Sniffing Cigarettes" (Left For Dead)
MC Jeffsky Feat. Igor, "Scotty Doesnt Know EURO! Remix" (Eurotrip OST)