From the Stereo to Your Screen #5, "Bobby Brown & Ghostbusters II"

The video for Bobby Brown’s “On Our Own” is a textbook case of how music videos from films sometimes use the slimmest of connections in order to sell a movie. Watching the video, it seems like the director shot two different ideas for the song — one for the song before it was attached to the film, and the other afterward — and then stitched them together as best he could.

On this episode of From the Stereo to Your Screen, we discuss Bobby Brown's video for "On Our Own," from the film Ghostbusters II. You can read the original column and see the video at Cinepunx.

Episode #35, 48 Hours with the BusBoys' Brian O'Neal

On this episode, we're talking with Brian O'Neal of the BusBoys about the band's appearance in the buddy-cop classic, 48 Hours. The 1982 film was the film debut of Eddie Murphy. In it, he plays convict Reggie Hammond, who is taken out of jail for the titular period of time in order to help Nick Nolte's cop, Jack Cates, catch a thief and murderer named Albert Ganz. It's funny, cool, and made Murphy a huge star. 

In one of the film's two rather classic nightclub scenes, at a bar Vroman's, Hammond tries to pick up a lady while a band play some kick-ass boogie-woogie rock 'n' roll behind it all. That band, the BusBoys, plays a song, "The Boys Are Back In Town," which is so immediately catchy that it makes a return over the end credits, and even gets referenced in the tagline for the sequel, Another 48 Hours, when it came out eight years later. Strangely, it never saw release as a single -- or in any form -- until the Busboys re-recorded it in 2000 for their fourth album, (Boys Are) Back in Town, along with the other song from the film, "New Shoes." We talk about all of this with O'Neal, as well as the band's work on the soundtrack for Ghostbusters.

James Horner, "48 Hours Main Title" (48 Hours OST)
The BusBoys, "The Boys Are Back In Town" (48 Hours OST)
The BusBoys, "New Shoes" (48 Hours OST)
The BusBoys, "Cleanin' Up the Town" (Ghostbusters OST)