Episode #52, Dave Pirner of Soul Asylum

Since 1981, the alternative rock band Soul Asylum has gone from a scrappy pack of dudes recording for Minneapolis label Twin/Tone to becoming a Grammy-winning, multi-platinum act. Along the way, the band's recorded music for all kinds of films. Most notably, Soul Asylum or its frontman, Dave Pirner, have had songs in three of director Kevin Smith's films, as well as So I Married An Axe Murderer, Twister, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and The Faculty. Pirner also recorded as part of the Beatles cover act the Backbeat Band for the 1994 film, Backbeat.

I was lucky enough to speak with Dave Pirner back at the start of September about all of these, as well as Soul Asylum's latest album, Change of Fortune. It's kind of all over the place, but Priner seemed up to discuss pretty much anything, so while it's kind of long, it's really fun. Check it out.

Soul Asylum, "Can't Even Tell" (Clerks OST)
Soul Asylum, "Misery" (Clerks II OST)
Dave Pirner, "Tube of Wonderful" (Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back OST)
Soul Asylum, "The Break" (So I Married An Axe Murderer OST)
Soul Asylum, "Miss This" (Twister OST)
The Backbeat Band, "Long Tall Sally" (Backbeat OST)
Soul Asylum, "School's Out" (The Faculty OST)

Episode #27, Red State with Adam Lee

The 2011 film, Red State, was the first departure of Kevin Smith from his rather more comedic roots. It’s a grindhousey horror action film more akin to The Devil’s Rejects than the suburban hi-jinks of Mallrats or Clerks. Smith self-produced the whole film, then released it under his own Smodcast Films banner.

In an interesting turn of events, as Smith was wrapping filming on the movie in October of 2010, he put out a call via Twitter for speed metal and country tunes. The country tune he picked was Adam Lee & the Dead Horse Sound Company's "Drinking, Cheating, Loving, and Leaving," from their 2010 album, When the Spirits Move Me. We spoke by phone with Adam Lee about that song, as well as Smith’s movie Tusk. We started off with a discussion of Lee’s new solo album, Sincerely Me, which was released earlier this year.

Adam Lee & the Dead Horse Sound Co., "Drinking, Cheating, Loving, and Leaving" (When the Spirits Move Me)
Adam Lee, "Good Days" (Sincerely, Me)
Adam Lee & the Dead Horse Sound Co., "Holy Roller" (When the Spirits Move Me)
Adam Lee, "Stray Cat" (Sincerely, Me)
Adam Lee, "Misery" (Sincerely, Me)

Podcast #7, Mallrats with Wax's Joe Sib

Kevin Smith's 1995 comedy, Mallrats, was the follow-up to his shoestring-budgeted debut, Clerks. While it did poorly at the box office, it found a successful second life on video, and is a bonafied cult hit. The soundtrack ranks right up there with Angus as far as compiling a diverse array of the era's top alt-rock chartmakers and underground successes.

Joe Sib, Wax frontman and founder of influential indie label SideOne Dummy, was cool enough to speak with us by phone about how Wax came to have the titular song on the Mallrats soundtrack, as well as the band's experiences with Bio-Dome and the music industry as a whole.

Track listing:
Squirtgun, "Social"
Sublime, "Smoke Two Joints"
Bush, "Bubbles"
The Goops, "Build Me Up Buttercup"
Wax, "Happy Happy Joy Joy"
Wax, "He's A Whore"
Wax, "Mallrats"
Wax, "California"
Wax, "Who Is Next"
Wax, "In Spite of Me"
Weezer, "Suzanne"