Podcast #17, It Came From the VCR

On this episode, we speak with Ralph Abel, the man behind the insanely-popular online VHS-digging social media accounts, It Came From the VCR. We spoke about his plans for an iPhone and Apple TV app, as well as the Le Matos score to the recent backwards-looking retro fest, Turbo Kid. Ostensibly, at least -- our chat is pretty wide-ranging, and works more as a conversation about retro things in general. Thanks to Mr. Abel for finding the recording of this interview, which we'd thought was lost to capricious computer gods.

Le Matos' score can be found at Bandcamp.

Le Matos, "Intro/Wasteland"
Elmer Bernstein, "Slipstream"
Le Matos, "Eyes Throat Genitals"
Le Matos, "Skelotron"
Le Matos, "Playtime Is Over (OST version)"
Le Matos ft. Pawws, "No Tomorrow"