Podcast #4.5, The Chase Mix

Once a month or so, in between proper episodes, we're going to attempt to bring you a different-themed mix. For the first installment, we're going with "The Chase." All of these cuts will get your blood pumping, and probably lead you to exceeding the speed limit.


Fred Mollin, "Friday the 13th The Series Theme" (Friday the 13th The Series)
Andrew Thomas Wilson, "Car Chase" (The Chain Reaction) buy it
Robert Tomaro, "Main Title" (Slime City)
John McCallum, "Main Titles" (Surf Nazis Must Die)
Brad Fiedel, "Sarah on the Run" (Terminator 2) buy it
Brian May, "Hot & Ready" (Turkey Shoot) buy it
College, "Something Wrong Tonight" (Secret Diary) buy it
Detto Mariano, "Barbarians Theme" (Exterminators of the Year 3000)
Cybotron, "Suite 16/9th Floor" (Implosion) buy it
Espectrostatic, "Escape From Witchtropolis" (Escape From Witchtropolis) buy it
Giorgio Moroder, "The Chase (single edit)" (Midnight Express)
John Carpenter & Alan Howarth, "Adbuction at Airport" (Big Trouble In Little China)
VHS Dreams, "Cheerbleeder" (High School Holocaust) buy it
Karate King, "Hooker's Demise (Hung Her By the Tits)" (Mondo Brutale)
Riz Ortolani, "The Massacre of the Troupe" (Cannibal Holocaust) buy it