Episode #81: Disasterpeace & Under the Silver Lake

photo: Shane Lopes

photo: Shane Lopes

On this episode, we speak with composer Rich Vreeland (aka Disasterpeace) about his work on the recently-released neo-noir, Under the Silver Lake. Sorry for the delay, kids -- Easter weekend was taken up with feeding cheesy potatoes and ham to an adorable baby, and the week following was an utter shitshow of financial ruin. That said, we have a really great episode for you, so let's get into it.

As a composer Disasterpeace came to prominence with his work on the 2012 videogame, Fez, as well as his score for the indie horror film, It Follows, released in 2015. That marked his first collaboration with director David Robert Mitchell, with whom the composer has teamed up again on Under the Silver Lake, which is now available as video-on-demand pretty much everywhere.

For the film's score, Disasterrpeace, best known for his synth-driven work, delivers a full orchestral score for the first time. It's an impressive array of music which hearkens back to the scores of classic thrillers of the '40s and '50s, while also standing tall alongside music from R.E.M. and others.

I spoke with Rich Vreeland ahead of Under the Silver Lake's release, and we talked about everything from video games to film to what he has coming up.


Disasterpeace, "The Curse of Edendale"(Under the Silver Lake OST)

Disasterpeace, "Beware the Dog Killer" (Under the Silver Lake OST)

Jesus & The Brides of Dracula, "Turning Teeth" (Under the Silver Lake OST)

Disasterpeace, "Inconclusion" (Under the Silver Lake OST)

R.E.M., "Strange Currencies" (Under the Silver Lake OST)

Podcast #18, Green Room with Ben Macensky

On this episode, we speak with Ben Macensky, the musician whose songs -- written with Sam Jones -- became the music of the Ain’t Rights, the punk band featured in the new film, Green Room, the latest from director Jeremy Saulnier, known for his movies Blue Ruin and Murder Party. It tells the story of said punk band, who take a gig at the end of a less-than-successful tour, only to have things go very very wrong after the show.

For some in-depth discussion of the other music in the film, check out this great piece at Birth.Movies Death.


Blair Brothers, “Weapons Ready”
The Ain’t Rights, “What Have I Become?”
The Ain’t Rights, “Coronary”
The Ain’t Rights, “Toxic Evolution”
Bad Brains, “Right Brigade”