Episode #68: Chris Butler of the Waitresses

sqaure pegs chris butler header.jpg

In addition to his work in the pioneering New Wave band, the Waitresses, Chris Butler has worked for years as a musician and producer on such albums as Freedy Johnston's debut, The Trouble Tree. His most recent work, out next week on Smog Veil Records, is a collaboration with Tin Huey's Ralph Carney, entitled Songs For Unsung Holidays. It's Carney's last recordings before his death in December of 2017.

We spoke with Chris Butler by phone about his work with the Waitresses, including their iconic theme for the '80s TV show, Square Pegs, the new album on Smog Veil, and a surprising connection to a recent horror film.

You can find more music by Chris Butler at his Bandcamp page.

The Waitresses, "Square Pegs" (Your Choice of Sides)
Chris Butler & Ralph Carney, "Polka Day" (Songs For Unsung Holidays)
Chris Butler, "Square Pegs Part 1"
The Waitresses, "I Know What Boys Like" (Your Choice of Sides)
The Embarrassment, "Sexy Singer Girl" (Heyday 1979-1983)
Chris Butler & Ralph Carney, "World UFO Day" (Songs For Unsung Holidays)