Episode #40, Craig Wedren

On this episode, we speak with Craig Wedren, former frontman of Shudder to Think, who’s composed music for nearly every project from MTV comedy troupe the State, including Reno 911! Miami, Balls of Fury, and the 2001 cult classic, Wet Hot American Summer. We talk the fascinating story of how Wedren got to where he is today, as well as recent projects such as NBC’s DC Comics sitcom, Powerless, and the new movie, How to Be A Latin Lover.


Craig Wedren & Eli Janney, “Boys and Girls – Action” (The State)

Shudder to Think, “X-French Tee Shirt” (Pony Express Record)

Craig Wedren & Theodore Shapiro, “Higher & Higher” (Wet Hot American Summer OST)

Craig Wedren & Jefferson Friedman, “Powerless Opening Titles” (Powerless)

Craig Wedren & Pink Ape, “No Estoy Triste” (How to Be A Latin Lover OST)

Craig Wedren, “Wet Hot American Summer” (Wet Hot American Summer OST)

Craig Wedren & Theodore Shapiro, “American Summer” (Wet Hot American Summer OST)