Podcast #5.5, Halloween Horror Metal Mix

In between regular podcasts, we like to bring you a themed mix. Given that we're now officially into October, we thought we'd make it a Rocktober Halloween with this collection of the finest in horror movie heavy metal.


Alice Cooper, "He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask)" (Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives)
Black Roses, "Dance on Fire" (Black Roses)
The Undead, "Somebody Super Like You" (Phantom of the Paradise)
Fastway, "Trick or Treat" (Trick or Treat)
Thor, "We Live to Rock" (Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare)
Scott Casey, "Toxic Avenger" (The Toxic Avenger II)
Dokken, "Dream Warriors" (A Nightmare on Elm Street Part III: Dream Warriors)
The Clowns, "Let It Rain" (Terror On Tour)
Sorcery, "I'm Back" (Rocktober Blood)