Podcast #7, Mallrats with Wax's Joe Sib

Kevin Smith's 1995 comedy, Mallrats, was the follow-up to his shoestring-budgeted debut, Clerks. While it did poorly at the box office, it found a successful second life on video, and is a bonafied cult hit. The soundtrack ranks right up there with Angus as far as compiling a diverse array of the era's top alt-rock chartmakers and underground successes.

Joe Sib, Wax frontman and founder of influential indie label SideOne Dummy, was cool enough to speak with us by phone about how Wax came to have the titular song on the Mallrats soundtrack, as well as the band's experiences with Bio-Dome and the music industry as a whole.

Track listing:
Squirtgun, "Social"
Sublime, "Smoke Two Joints"
Bush, "Bubbles"
The Goops, "Build Me Up Buttercup"
Wax, "Happy Happy Joy Joy"
Wax, "He's A Whore"
Wax, "Mallrats"
Wax, "California"
Wax, "Who Is Next"
Wax, "In Spite of Me"
Weezer, "Suzanne"