Podcast #14, The Dead Next Door with JR Bookwalter

1990 zombie action film The Dead Next Door was shot over a period of four years in Akron, Ohio. In addition to being surprsingly excellent for such a small budget independent movie, the film acts a time capsule for several area bands from that era, whose music complements writer/director/producer/composer JR Bookwalter's minimal synth score.

We spoke with Bookwalter about The Dead Next Door, which was recently released as an Ultimate Edition Blu-ray, DVD, and soundtrack combo via Tempe Video. The interview was recorded over Skype, so you can hear some odd background noises, including the microwave in the kitchen


JR Bookwalter, "The Dead Next Door Main Titles"
Argus, "The Dead Next Door"
Wilbur & The Hoodlum Patrol, "Death & Violence"
Joy Circuit, "The Answer" (Instrumental)
JR Bookwalter, "Left For Dead" (Instrumental Version)