Podcast #20, The Chris Gethard Show

On this episode, we speak with Hallie Bulleit, who's part of the LLC, the house band for Fusion's The Chris Gethard Show. In addition to her work on The Chris Gethard Show, Bulleit has done theater, and played in bands like the Hissyfits and the Unlovables. We had a really cool discussion about her work in music, as well as the history of the Gethard Show and its journey from public access to cable.

You can find past episodes of The Chris Gethard Show on YouTube, and Hallie Bulleit is on Twitter @HallieBulleit. Keep an eye out for Hiccup's debut full-length on their Facebook page.


The LLC, "TCGS Theme" (Come Take A Ride ...) buy here
The LLC, "Why Don't You Give Us A Call" (Come Take A Ride ...)
PWR BTTM, "I Wanna Boy" (live on TCGS)
The Unlovables, "Doot Da Doot" (Crush*Boyfriend*Heartbreak) buy here
Hiccup, "Whatevs, I'm Fine" (Hiccuo) buy here