Episode #67: Your Favorite Soundtrack with Aaron Vehling


On this episode, we continue our summer series, Your Favorite Soundtrack, where we talk to our favorite people about the soundtracks they love. Our third installment features Aaron Vehling, writer, podcaster, and synthwave expert, talking about the soundtrack to the 2011 Nicolas Wending Refn film, Drive.

You can find all of Aaron's work at his website.

Chromatics, "Tick of the Clock"
Kavinsky, "Nightcall"
Cliff Martinez, "I Drive"
Cliff Martinez, "Kick Your Teeth"
Desire, "Under Your Spell"
College ft. Electric Youth, "A Real Hero"

Episode #30, Record Store Day Black Friday 2016 with Tony Giles

We once again welcome Tony Giles, of the Damn Fine Cast, the Lakeshore Records podcast, and 5/5/78, to talk Record Store Day releases. This Friday, November 25, brings a slew of exclusives to record stores for Black Friday, and we break down the various soundtrack and score-related titles. We also both offer up out most-anticipated non soundtrack releases.


Charles Fox and Bob Crewe, "Barbarella" (Barbarella)
Sesame Street, "Letter B" (Born to Add)
Eric Cartman, "O Holy Night" (South Park: Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics)
Puscifer, "Rev 22:20" (Underworld OST)
Electric Wizard, "Dunwich" (Witchcult Today)

Podcast #16.5, Record Store Day UK

Well, we managed to snake in TWO episodes this week, and our bonus episode is actually twice as long as the actual one we dropped on Monday. It's how things work.

Anyhow. We realized that we forgot to talk about all the UK releases for Record Store Day, so we reached out via Twitter and got Tony Giles, co-host of The Damn Fine Cast and owner of Shipping Records, to help us run down some gems for our listeners overseas. There are some gems we will likely be importing at great expense.


Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet, "Party" (Requiem for a Dream)
Gerhard Heinz, "All You Ever Need is Beat" (Schamlos)
Goblin, "Seq. 01 - Main Titles" (La Villa Della Droga)
The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, "Omens Of Nosferatu" (Nosferatu)