Episode #53, Troma's War with Chris DeMarco

troma's war demarco.jpg

Following on the success of Troma's Toxic Avenger and Class of Nuke 'Em High, Troma's War saw the independent studio taking on the action-adventure genre in their own way. Surprisingly well-reviewed, the movie doesn't quite have the following of the studio's tentpole franchises, but it's definitely an entertaining and inventive Tromatic view of the guns and glory films which were everywhere in the latter half of the '80s.

Troma's War tells the story of a group of marooned citizens who stumble upon a terrorist plot to take over the United States. With no help in sight and no way to contact reinforcements, it’s up to these ordinary people to save the world! 

Musician Chris DeMarco performed the music for the film, as well as appearing in it. His score -- along with the power ballads "Alive" and "Storm Is Rising" -- was a major part of how well Troma's War works. Sadly, it was never legally available in any form, failing even to make an appearance on Troma's 20th anniversary compilation, Toxic Tunes From Tromaville.

Featuring the complete motion picture score including cuts not used in the final film, Troma's War was released on 140-gram red and orange “Triumphant Explosion” colored vinyl back in July of last year. Limited to 1000 copies worldwide, the LP was put out by New York's Ship to Shore PhonoCo, in collaboration with Locked Groove Recording Company.

We spoke with Chris DeMarco last year about his work on Troma's War, as well as what he's up to now.

Tracklist (all cuts from the Troma's War OST):
Chris DeMarco, "Alive"
Chris DeMarco, "On the Beach"
Chris DeMarco, "Storm Is Rising"
Chris DeMarco, "Triumphant"

Podcast #11, Cannibal! The Musical

On this episode, we speak with  Robert Lee of Banana Stand Records about the label’s vinyl release of the soundtrack to the 1993 comedy horror film, Cannibal! The Musical. This is a film which could’ve easily been another straight-to-video distributed release from Troma, but for the fact that the director, songwriter, and star Trey Parker and co-star Matt Stone would go on to fame as the creators of the smash Comedy Central animated series, South Park.

You can pick up Cannibal! The Musical on limited-edition blood red vinyl from Banana Stand's store.

Track listing:
"It's A Shpadoinkle Day!" (Cannibal! The Musical)
"The Trapper Song" (Cannibal! The Musical)
"Blame Canada" (South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut)
"That's All I'm Asking For" (Cannibal! The Musical)
"Let's Build A Snowman" (Cannibal! The Musical)
"Hello!" (The Book of Mormon)
"Hang the Bastard" (Cannibal! The Musical)
"Let's Build A Snowman (Reprise)" (Cannibal! The Musical)

Podcast #2, Class of Nuke 'Em High with Ethan Hurt

Ship to Shore Phonograph Co.'s release of the Class of Nuke 'Em High soundtrack might've left me giddier than I'd been in ages. It's a wonderful collection of obscure '80s hair metal and a scattering of new wave -- the perfect companion to this 1986 Troma film Thanks to Aaron Hamel of Ship to Shore, we were able to speak with Ethan Hurt, who wrote the film's theme song. It's an intriguing story of inspiration.

The soundtrack's sold out on vinyl, but you can grab it digitally -- complete with commentary from director Lloyd Kaufmann -- from CD Baby.

Episode music:

Troma stinger
Stratus, "Run For Your Life"
The Smithereens, "Much Too Much"
Ethan & the Coup, "Class of Nuke 'Em High"
Ethan & the Coup, "We Are One"
"Class of Nuke 'Em High Part II" theme