Episode #76: Unusual Sounds with David Hollander

unusual sounds header.png

Sorry for the delay, kids. A long weekend of snow, freelance deadlines, and making tamales pushed this episode back a couple of days. I'm also recording this after pulling every muscle in my right side, so expect some weirdness due to pain meds.

That said, I'm excited about this episode. I spoke last month with author David Hollander, about Unusual Sounds: The Hidden History of Library Music, the book released last May by Anthology Editions. In my review for Starburst Magazine, I described the book thusly:

"David Hollander has crafted a book which appeals to the reader interested in history, music, or visual arts. Most readers will approach it, thinking they know nothing of what the author is discussing, only to be amazed at just how much of the music discussed within the cover of Unusual Sounds is familiar to them."

We had a great chat about the book, its companion album from Anthology Recordings, and Hollander's history with library music.


Keith Mansfield, "Funky Fanfare" (Unusual Sounds)

D. Patucchi, "La Dimostrazione" (Unusual Sounds)

The Syd Dale Orchestra, "The Hell Raisers" (Something Weird Greatest Hits)

Keith Mansfield, "Teenage Villain" (KPM 1043: Beat Incidental)

Stringtronics, "Tropicola" (Unusual Sounds)