Episode #36, Joe Bob Briggs

joe bob briggs dragon's eye photography.jpg

Movie critic Joe Bob Briggs is known for his reviews of drive-in movies, even if there aren't all that many drive-ins around these days. He's become something of a go-to guy for films with exploding heads, car chases, nudity, and all aspects of action, be it kung-fu, car-fu, or chainsaw-fu. While he was once best known for his hosting duties on The Movie Channel and TNT, introducing films as part of Joe Bob's Drive-In and MonsterVision, he's now an author of some repute, with the essential movie guides Profoundly Erotic: Sexy Movies that Changed History and Profoundly Disturbing: Shocking Movies that Changed History.

Joe Bob Briggs, "MonsterVision" (TNT's MonsterVision)
Herschel Gordon Lewis, "Blood Feast Main Title" (The Amazing Film Scores of Herschel Gordon Lewis)
Gary Ham, "Prescription Beer" (The Howling 7: New Moon Rising)
Herschel Gordon Lewis, "Robert E Lee Broke His Musket on His Knee" (The Golden Turkey Album)
John Carpenter, "Assault on Precinct 13" (Assault on Precinct 13 OST)