Episode #89: Richard Patrick of Filter

richard patrick header.jpg

Many know Richard Patrick as the only static member of the band Filter. Prior to the formation of Filter, Richard cut his teeth in a band called Nine Inch Nails. In addition to hits like "Hey Man Nice Shot" and "Take A Picture," Filter's music has been featured in everything from Tales from the Crypt's Demon Knight to Spawn to The X-Files -- both the series and the movies.

Filter's platinum-selling 1999 sophomore album, Title of Record, recently received a deluxe double vinyl reissue through Craft Recordings for its 20th anniversary. We spoke with the band's frontman and singer via Skype about all this and more.


Filter, "Hey Man Nice Shot" (Short Bus)

Filter and the Crystal Method, "Can't You Trip Like I Do" (Spawn OST)

Filter, "One" (The X-Files: The Album)

Filter, "Thanks Bro" (Songs in the Key of X)