Podcast #1.5, KC Comic Con

This past weekend saw the inaugural Kansas City Comic Con. In addition to celebrity guests like Adrian Paul, Pam Grier, Colin Baker, and Sean Astin, the convention played host to a solid batch of Kansas City's finest vendors and creators. There were also some really fantastic panels that did more than focus on the state of the comics industry as a whole.

While there were industry panels, like an overview of the classic Marvel Secret Wars storyline featuring Jim Shooter, there were also a slew of diversity panels that covered gender and race issues. It was really heartening to see those pnales attended by so many young fans, many of whom had excellent questions and ideas.

However, we're about soundtracks, so we sought out a few interesting people -- some of who we knew, some of who we'd only just met before jamming a recorder in their face. All of them had some great choices for their favorite soundtrack or score.

Rikk Wolf of Incognito Cinema Warriors XP
artist J. Victoria Terrell
Alex of Bandwagon Merch
Michelle from Two Tone Press
Josh Berwanger of the Josh Berwanger Band
Greg Dedrick and Jenius McGee of the Nerds of Nostalgia podcast