Episode #63: The Ranger

the ranger headers.jpg

Director Jenn Wexler's debut feature, The Ranger, is a fun but brutal movie about a bunch of punks who hole up in a cabin while on the lam, only to be stalked and killed by a psychotic park ranger. It's been getting a lot of acclaim from everyone I know who's seen it, so I reached out via Twitter, especially after reading a piece music supervisor Middagh Goodwin wrote for the Modesto View, running down all the great bands he'd lined up for the film.

After watching the movie, I was even more excited to talk with Wexler and Goodwin, and I think it comes through in the interview. We get very goofy, and it's a damn blast.

Charlie Rich, "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World" (Behind Closed Doors)
Rotten UK, "Animal Sacrifice" (That Is Not Dead)
The Avengers, "Teenage Rebel" (Died For Your Sins)
The Atom Age, "It's A Mess" (Hot Shame)
Dayglo Abortions, "Used To Be In Love" (Feed Us A Fetus)